January 5, 2015

Real Life Discipleship Overview

Matthew 2:12
So here we are, the first full week in 2015. It’s Monday: back to school, back to work. So what will be different in your life this year?

God told the wise men NOT to go back the way they came. God had something new for them. If we allow, God wants to take each of us—as individuals and as a church—on new adventures in 2015. The route will be familiar, after all, we are still following his directions—God’s Word. Yet God wants ALL of us to know him more and to grow deeper in our relationship with him. It is not for our own personal gain, but for his kingdom, for his world, for his people right here in the Lewisville area.

As you enter this new week in this new year, take a new (or renewed) attitude with you. Remember, Christ is with you. Be watching for doors of ministry to open before you.