January 31, 2016

Isaiah 25:1-12

Isaiah seems to finally be able to share in the praise and worship of God for the restoration of Israel that is promised. This passage still describes destruction but spends more time on how the low will be lifted up, how the poor and needy will be strengthened. In the end, God will wipe away our tears. The feasting and revelry will return but for the right reasons. They will be in praise of Almighty God. The mourning of the saved will be at an end. All the wrongs done to us, all the injustice we have had to receive will be turned back and paid for. Yes, there is nothing pretty in store for the proud of the earth, the arrogant of history.

We serve a loving and gracious God. Even in the midst of the descriptions of this judgement and recompense to come, God gives glimpses of the true “good life” we have in worshiping and serving him. It shows a longing on God’s part to lavish us with more than we can imagine.

We know God’s justice must be served, and we know his love must be as well. The prophecies of judgement, flavored with pictures of God’s care, should move us to see those around us the way he does—lost and broken, in need of restoration and care. Since Genesis, God has made a commitment to work through his people. As you walk through your day today, look for people you can sacrifice for the way Jesus sacrificed for you. Make it obvious to your circle of influence to whom you belong.