January 30, 2018

John 15:1-5

We can never bear fruit unless we are connected to Jesus. Jesus is our life source: he is the living vine. To be useful, growing, and producing fruit in our life, we must remain “in Christ,” consistently and constantly seeking his direction. He is our life. He sustains us. He guides us.

If you have never given your life to Jesus, it is the best decision you could ever make. Do it today. How? Follow the ABCs to a relationship with Jesus:

Admit to God you have sinned (done things wrong), and admit your sin separates you from God. Sin is a barrier to having a relationship with God.

Believe Jesus is God’s son who came to this earth to pay for your sin. He lived a sinless life. Therefore, he is qualified to pay for your sin. Believe Jesus died on a cross and God brought him back from the dead. Jesus is alive in heaven and has sent his Holy Spirit to be his representative on this earth until he returns.

Confess (tell others) Jesus is now your Lord (boss), and Commit to living your life for him. You are no longer the boss of your life. You voluntarily give your life from this day forward to Jesus.

Say a simple prayer asking God to forgive you of your sin. Ask Jesus to come into your life to be your new boss.