January 30, 2016

Isaiah 24:14-23

Isaiah continues the tale of the ultimate, global destruction that is to come upon the earth and all mankind. Isaiah gives us an Old Testament glimpse of the events that will unfold, similar to the events the Apostle John describes in Revelation 19-20. It’s interesting to note that in the midst of the destruction, great glory is given to God (24:16, 23). At the time of the Tribulation, those who have bowed the knee to Jesus will sing joyously and give all praises to God for the judgements leveled on the unsaved.

Yet, Isaiah does not seem capable of sharing in that joy. He admits to being overcome by the evil times and the lengths God will go to in applying justice. Despite knowing God will not only win out in the end and that his judgements are also righteous, just, and appropriate, we find Isaiah with his focus on the evil men do and how that evil will return to them as judgement.

Have you ever found yourself in Isaiah’s place where circumstances impeded your ability to see the good God was doing? We all know Romans 8:28 and have had many lessons on it which teach us that no matter what we go through, good or bad, God is at work for our ultimate good. We also know this is easier to say or teach than to live out, especially in the midst of something tough. If you are in the middle of a difficult time right now, pray and ask God to show you the good to which he will take you. Allow him to reassure you that he’s got you in his hands.