January 29, 2016

Isaiah 24:1-13

In this passage, God, through Isaiah, broadens the scope of the judgement that is to come. Up till now, judgement has been on a level from personal to national, most of which was fulfilled in the “near term” (i.e., not all that long after Isaiah’s time). Here prophecy goes global and to the time when God will deal with the unrepentant in a more final way. The destruction spoken of here in general terms is similar to that described more fully in the last chapters of Daniel and in Revelation 6-19. From Isaiah’s words, we see yet again that God acts in response to the arrogant pride of humanity.

As much as God was to (and did) deal with Israel and its spiritual idolatry, we get a glimpse here that his same judgement must necessarily be levied on all unrepentant mankind, both before and during the Tribulation period. God does not tolerate pride, which could be argued as the core of all sin. It is a direct affront to his authority.

Pride is insidious. It can sneak out of our lives in so many ways, even when doing good—even when we are sure we are following God’s will. Our society values one who does for himself. How do you balance the need to take care of the practicalities of your life and the pride one can fall into in doing a good job at it? Spend today acknowledging your accomplishments while giving glory and gratitude to God, without whom you would have accomplished nothing of lasting value.