January 28, 2016

Isaiah 23:1-18

Now we come to God’s prophecy concerning the cities of Tyre and Sidon, which represent both themselves and Phoenicia, the country they belong to. The town of Tarshish (made famous by Jonah) was an important city. It was a center of sea trade but doomed toward destruction. What is interesting is that in addition to the prophesied destruction, God promised it would be restored after 70 years (though with much-lessened significance). As before, this judgement was a result of human pride and arrogance.

God was never overtly honored by the restoration of Tarshish, even when it did come about in the time set forth. Despite that, Isaiah gives us a very firm sense God still used it to his purposes. There is a real indication God is working his plan regardless of what we do. Does that mean we are irrelevant to his plans? The Bible is clear, front to back, that we are an integral part of his plans.

There is great hope and assurance in God’s use of the resurgence of Tarshish for his own purposes. It is a reminder that as we fit into God’s plan, we cannot fail. Our failures only come from our own straying.

What choices can you make today to bring God glory? What actions can you take that will make his love obvious to those around you? That is his plan; the one that results in lasting, eternal success.