January 27, 2016

Isaiah 22:14-25

Up till now, Isaiah has been talking in generalities about judgements coming to nations and his people. Now he gets personal. To make a point, God describes an arrogant man named Shebna who served the king. This man thought so highly of himself that he felt he must build an elaborate tomb for himself. Even though he obviously understood he would die someday, he had no humility whatsoever. Isaiah spoke about how this man would not only be demoted but would die a shameful death in a foreign land. What does that say about the value of this tomb he built?

Eliakim, the man who replaced Shebna after his downfall, served with distinction. However, we are told his descendants fell as well because of arrogance. Their power and influence were removed. Shebna and Eliakim’s descendants all fell into the same trap as did the rich fool from Jesus’ parable in Luke 12:16-21 by believing they were the cause of their own success.

So what point was God making? The same basic point he makes throughout the Scripture about the necessity of humility. How can arrogant pride stand in the face of an Almighty God? How can we see God’s handiwork and not be humbled by it unless we deliberately blind ourselves? To whom do you give credit for the successes in your life?

Today’s challenge is to contemplate how you got to where you are. Was it through (or maybe in spite of) your best efforts? Or was it God? Give him the glory he deserves.