January 26, 2014

“Love is Kind” 

John 4:7-26, 39-42

English author, John Burbidge, writes: “Angry looks can do no good, and blows are dealt in blindness. Words are better understood if spoken but in kindness.” In today’s passage, Jesus gives us the perfect example of what kindness can achieve. Purposefully trying to avoid judgmental stares and unkind words, the woman watches and waits in the shadows to go to the well after all of the other women in town have completely cleared out for the day. More than likely, this had become part of her daily routine.

It is quite certain when she saw an unfamiliar Jewish man seated by the well, she assumed she was “safe” for it was very unlikely he would speak to a Samaritan, and even more unlikely for him to speak to a woman. But, Jesus did speak. Even though he spoke to her directly about her sins, he did it with such loving kindness that her calloused heart was completely restored and regenerated, and she ran to the very people she was so desperate to avoid, telling them about her life-changing experience with Jesus.

We all have opportunities to witness to people every day. We must remember that our witness will only be effective if our words are spoken in kindness and love.