January 25, 2016

Week Five Devotions Written by Stephen Kress

Isaiah 21:1-16

The prophecy described in this passage foretells the falls of Assyria and Babylon. There is desperateness in Isaiah’s words because of the violence described in the coming conquest of Assyria by Babylon and then Babylon by the Medes and Persians, with Israel subjugated by each in turn. How can we relate to such prophetic words? Can we empathize with Isaiah in this situation? Do we also live in a conquered land? Are we to be overtaken by some other country as Israel was and subjected to being fought over by competing powers? Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter because God is quite obviously in control. Every detail mentioned in this passage played out exactly as God said it would.

When we read prophetic descriptions of violence and, more importantly, judgement to come, we see the coming fulfillment in the same sense Isaiah could when he penned this passage. And, just as we can see God’s fingerprints on the events Isaiah wrote about because history bears out the prophecy, so too can we live in the assurance that our future is just as much under God’s control as Israel’s was back then.

Consider it a challenge (because it will be) to walk through your day today and look for God’s fingerprints on the events and situations you will need to deal with. Will you be able to see his love for you or his provision? Look with open eyes and you will see just how much you can trust God to order your life