January 24, 2016

Isaiah 20:1-6

Why naked? Let’s be honest—what a weird object lesson. Not sure how well this would go on a Sunday morning. Isaiah walked around naked as a sign to the people and they did not listen. Now they are the ones who are naked and vulnerable. They have been stripped of everything and have shame. The people on the coast ran to the wrong place. They ran to earthly kingdoms instead of trying to run to God. God’s plan was to use Assyria to judge the people. Would God have altered his plan if the people ran to him? What happened to Nineveh when Jonah went to them? Think about it. God told Jonah he would destroy Nineveh. Nineveh turned from their ways and God spared them. One can imagine that if Egypt, Ethiopia, Moab, Syria, Philistia (Ashdod) or Israel had turned to God, God might have spared them.

What does this teach us about our relationship with God? Willingly be vulnerable with God. Don’t wait until you have been conquered. Go to God first. Don’t try to figure it out on your own. Go to God first. Don’t sit and wonder what could have been. Go to God first.