January 23, 2016

Isaiah 19:5-25

Isaiah 19 continues the words of judgement toward Egypt. The Nile drying up is a metaphor for the military conquest of Egypt. The metaphor shows God fighting/controlling the battle. The Nile was one of the most powerful gods to Egypt, along with the sun. God fought and beat the Nile much like he did in Exodus by turning the Nile water to blood (again killing the ecology and economy of Egypt). This time, he is fighting with the Assyrians to do God’s work. God fights and judges the people who are his adversaries. But it is not just for judgment. It is for the opportunity to be reunited (19:22). This is an amazing thought. The Egyptian people have been conquered. God is the one who led the army into Egypt. However, God wants to reunite with them. God responds to them and heals them.

Judgment comes, but healing is possible. Where are you in your life? What do you need to bring to God? What situation in your life needs God’s healing touch? Don’t delay. The journey may be difficult, much like it was for Egypt, but healing is possible. “Return to the Lord.”