January 22, 2016

Isaiah 18:1-19:4

When I was a kid, I had several sets of something called Domino Rally. It was a game where you set up a display of dominos in some type of pattern, and once you knocked over one domino, the rest would follow. I’m sure many of you have seen something similar on the internet or in person. Some of the more intricate displays can take hours or even days and weeks to build. However, once they are built and you knock over the first domino, there is nothing left to do. You just sit back and watch.

Some people will try to convince you God is like the one who sets up the dominoes. They believe in God as a creator, but after that, he is hands-off. Today’s passage shows how wrong this idea is. When you read the passage, notice who the subject is. Whether it is God speaking directly or Isaiah speaking on behalf of God, God is always the subject. God is the one sending judgment to Egypt and Cush (Ethiopia).

God is not “hands-off” in your life. God is active and always there. He should be the subject of your life. I want to encourage you today. Consider what is happening in your schedule throughout the next 24 hours. Who is the subject? Is God doing work through you? Or are you discounting God and doing your own thing? We know what it should be. Let’s strive toward that goal.