January 20, 2016

Isaiah 16:1-13

Isaiah 16 finishes the judgment against Moab that began in chapter 15. In 16:6, we learn about the pride of Moab which led to his downfall. This pride can be contrasted with someone else we know from Moab who is a lot more famous than this unnamed man. Moab is also home to Ruth. It is Ruth who leaves Moab to stay with Naomi and go back to Bethlehem. Ruth leaves everything she knows to stay with Naomi. I would say this is one of the best acts of love and friendship in the Bible. It sounds nothing like the man we read about from Moab. Ruth is the opposite of arrogant and prideful. And she is rewarded for such things. For one, her name is remembered while the Moabite in this passage is unnamed. Also, Ruth is grafted into the family of Israel and is in the genealogy of Jesus from Matthew.

Who do you want to be in your life? The unnamed man whose pride and arrogance caused his downfall? Or the woman who is known thousands of years later for being the epitome of love and compassion?