January 19, 2016

Isaiah 15:1-9

Maybe you can relate to this story. My typical Sunday morning is chaotic. We have to get two kids—age 3 and under—up, fed, clothed, and out the door. And my 3-year-old has no concept of time. I cannot count how many times I have to say, “Hurry up or we are going to be late.” It is stressful to just get to church. Many weeks, I carry that stress on the drive to church and into church, but I would never tell anyone that. As soon as someone asks “How are you?” I respond with a simple “great” and move on. I would imagine many of us do the same thing. We cover up our true emotion and do not allow ourselves to tell how we really feel.

Isaiah 15 begins with judgment on Moab. What happens in Moab is dramatically different from how most of us act when stress and trouble arise. In 15:2-3, we see the outward laments of the people. They take on the emotion of the situation and let everyone know how they are feeling. The men shave their heads and beards. Everyone wears sackcloth and is “dissolved in tears.” Everyone stays in the moment and is honest with how they are.

Let me encourage you. The next time someone asks how you are doing, be honest. Don’t hide your emotion. Don’t hold in your struggles. Recognize the situation you are in and live out those emotions. It is much healthier than covering it up.