January 18, 2016

Week Four Devotions Written by Josh Breslaw

Isaiah 14:1-32

Life is difficult. Sometimes it feels like the world is falling apart around you, whether that is your personal world or the world in general. If you want to feel heartbroken, just watch the news. The media even knows the news is depressing. Ever wonder why there is always a random story about dogs or cats at the end of almost every newscast? To make you feel better about life.

Our reading today covers Isaiah 14. Isaiah is continuing a prophecy about the destruction of Babylon. It is tough to read. Everything is falling apart. At least, most of the passage gives this sense. However, the chapter begins and ends with hope. The hope is that Israel and God will give refuge to the people who seek it. The Lord gives the people rest at the beginning of the passage to prepare for the devastation and then gives help to the people after the terrible events.

We all have events in our life that are discouraging. Some are expected, and others surprise us. When we face uncertainty, God is waiting for us with open arms. There will be bad days, but you are not alone. “The Lord has founded Zion, and the afflicted of His people will seek refuge in it” (14:32).