January 15, 2016

Isaiah 11:1-26

Imagine turning on the 6pm news and hearing something like this: “A new judge has come out of Israel. He is bringing real justice to the region;” or “We are receiving reports that PEACE has broken out in the Middle East!” Or imagine a video showing lions lying down beside lambs with the following caption: “Wild animals have become harmless and tame.”

This isn’t a fairy tale. This is a fulfillment of prophecy. When Christ Jesus stands again on this earth, all these things (and more) will come to pass. Only then will the peace and justice we all long for finally become reality.

Only Jesus can judge with perfect righteousness. And only with him governing our hearts can we learn to be completely fair in our treatment of others. Only Jesus can set the world at peace. And only with him ruling our lives can we have peace within and with those around us. Come Lord Jesus!