January 14, 2016

Isaiah 10:20-34

Isaiah declared God was going to use Assyria as a tool to bring complete judgement upon Israel. City by city would fall to the Assyrians. Why? Because of their unfaithfulness to God and to his covenant.

The haughty Assyrians thought it was all in their own strength and power they were able to conquer Israel. They, too, did not look to God. So Isaiah announced God would also bring judgement to the Assyrians for their wickedness. No one escapes the watchful eye of God.

In the midst of judgement, Isaiah declared a glimmer of hope: There would be a remnant of Israelites who would seek God and truly rely on and trust in him. Who was this remnant? Those who kept their faith in God. And it would be from this remnant of faithful people God would send his deliverer, his son, the Messiah.

No matter what happens in this world, the most important thing from God’s perspective is our faith in and obedience to Jesus.