January 12, 2016

Isaiah 9:1-21

As Isaiah wrote this passage, life was not going well for the Kingdom of Judah. It was much worse than they realized. The prophet saw clearly that danger and dark times lay ahead for Israel. It was not simply the military might of Assyria (their adversary) that was causing these difficult times. But rather it was Israel’s sin and disobedience toward God and their lack of trust in him.

In the midst of these dark days, God gave Isaiah a word of hope to be shared: “For those walking in darkness, a light will be given.” A new governing king would come. And his name would be:
   “Wonderful Counselor” – One who offers wisdom, comfort and direction
   “Mighty God”—The Creator of the Universe who desires a personal relationship with each of us
   “Everlasting Father”—Not just the Creator, but a loving parent who will always love us more than we even love ourselves
   “Prince of Peace”—One who brings personal peace to our lives, as well as peace to our world

Each Christmas, we think about Jesus being “the Son of God” who came into our world. Isaiah reminds us Jesus is much more than just another child being born. He came with a purpose: that we might know and experience the hope, love, and salvation given by the one and only true God.

As you pray, thank God for his wonderful gift.