January 11, 2016

Week Three Devotions Written by Various Ministers

Isaiah 8:11-22

Who do you trust? Who do you turn to when you need advice or when big decisions need to be made?

I realize I am blessed. Throughout life, people I both respect and love gave me godly counsel. It started with my parents. They set the direction for my life through their words, actions and example. Then as a teenager, a student minister took the time to personally invest in me. As a young minister serving in full-time ministry for the first time, God sent wiser, more mature ministers who gave me gentle (and sometimes firm) direction. Many times, I wondered why I was so fortunate to have godly people care about me and give me such helpful, spiritual advice. I had done nothing for them; still, they invested in me.

Metaphorically, these individuals put their “strong hand upon me” and pointed me in the right direction, just like the Lord did for Isaiah as written in 8:11.

The Lord places Christ-followers in our lives to give us godly counsel, examples, and guidance—maybe a pastor, a Bible Study leader, a minister, or simply a family member or friend. Offer your prayer today thanking God for these people in your life. And then pray, “God, use me in the same way.”