January 1, 2018


The Book of Jonah

Jonah is a brief book. Short. No wasted words. As a result, our daily readings will be brief, short, with no wasted words. For the next four weeks, we will read the words of Jonah on Monday-Friday. We will share a reading from Proverbs on Saturday and a Psalm on Sunday.

Don’t underestimate the message of Jonah. You may brush off these readings, thinking you’ve heard all there is to hear from this prophet. You would be wrong in this line of thought.

May God bless our study and contemplation of his eternal Word.

Jonah 1
Running from God

Jonah 1:1

Let’s begin with a summary of the book of Jonah—God forgives the worst of sinners when sinners genuinely repent. He forgives even the Assyrians, who were known for their violent actions.

This book is about Jonah, the son of a man named Amittai. Notice it’s not written in first person, but in third person. Someone is telling Jonah’s story on his behalf.

 A prophet named Jonah (2 Kings 14:25) prophesied during the reign of Jeroboam II (786-746 BC). Most scholars assume our Jonah and the prophet mentioned in 2 Kings were one and the same.