The Lord has worked mightily in my life especially in the last few years. He has always been faithful to me. At 20, I was a single mom with 3 children. I would never have made it without Him. 5 years ago my marriage of 27 years ended. At the same time my oldest granddaughter died in Uganda of Malaria. I also lost my livelihood with my ex-husband taking our businesses. This was the beginning of the downturn and nearing 60 no one wanted to hire me. I turned to God and as always he was faithful. I believe God closed the doors on employment.

I had changed my Bible Study class from couples to the Singles department. Soon I was the Social Director. For a shy person with no self confidence this was a big step. I was terrified to speak in front of others. The Holy Spirit grew within me. I learned to allow God to replace my fears with dependence on Him.

The first time I was to go to Zacapa, I called Truett because satan had a death grip on me of going alone. I did make the decision to go but that trip was canceled. I have gone on 4 trips now and have become a Trip Leader. I have learned to step out on faith and to keep my heart and mind open to the Holy Spirit. I love my church. They have kept an atmosphere of acceptance and service. There is no limit as to what the Lord can do, even with a person once afraid of her own shadow.

Jacque Farley