Introduction to Judges

The author of Judges is anonymous. The book appears to be a collection of various works, both written and oral, concerning the different judges. None of these works are attributed to any specific source.

The date of authorship could reach as far back as 1050 B.C. and as recent as 722 B.C. This would follow the death of Sampson and King Saul but prior to the conquest of Jerusalem by King David in 990 B.C. The latter date of 722 B.C. places the book well into the monarchy of Israel.

Historically this book connects the conquest of the Promised Land with the monarchy of Israel. Theologically, Judges teaches peace comes to those who obey God’s laws, while disobedience brings destruction and death. Spiritually, this book emphasizes the justice of God but at the same time His faithfulness and willingness to forgive.