Holy Week

This is Holy Week. “Holy” literally means “different, set apart.” God is holy because he is different from us. He is set apart from us. So, what makes this week different from the other 51 weeks of a given year? This week is different because it reminds us of what God’s son, Jesus, did for us.

If God’s ultimate plan was to save us from ourselves (and it was), then this is the week when God’s entire plan came together. Jesus entered the eastern gate of the city of Jerusalem on the first day of this week (last Sunday). By Wednesday, the crowds had made an about-face, moving from adoration to condemnation. Thursday evening, Jesus shared the Passover meal with his disciples, and then took bread and cup and asked them to eat and drink again. In this seemingly benign act, he changed the meaning of Passover from looking back to God’s deliverance of the people during the time of Moses, to looking forward to his return at the end of time.

We will gather this Thursday evening of Holy Week at 7pm to eat and drink as they did.

This week is different because what many call Good Friday doesn’t seem good at all. We know Jesus was kept up all Thursday evening and into the wee hours of Friday morning, being shuffled from leader to leader, being beaten, being falsely accused, and being humiliated. We know he was fastened to a cross at 9am and was pronounced dead around 3pm that Friday.

And we know this week is different because on Sunday, the first day of the week, Jesus rose from the dead. He was resurrected, not resuscitated. Lazarus was resuscitated back to his former life, but eventually his body failed him—he died. Jesus is the one and only—no one, save him, has experienced resurrection and the glorified body that goes along with it.

So this is truly a different and holy week we experience this week. And if we truly worship during this week, then we will never be the same again.

See you Thursday, and maybe Friday, and maybe Saturday, and certainly Sunday,

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