Wednesday, July 17, 6pm
Fellowship Center Overflow
(Dinner and childcare is available by reservations only)

3 opportunities to serve:
* Great Commission Outreach
* Inreach for your Bible Study class 
* Prayer team

"So then we PURSUE the things which make for peace and the building up of one another." Romans 14:19

Our focus in 2019 is to PURSUE our community so that everyone in Lewisville will have a chance to hear about and know Jesus Christ. We are attempting to share the gospel and pray with families in the one mile radius around the church. We have completed approximately half of our goal. We have seen 17 persons come to Christ as a result of the neighborhood visits!

In order to accomplish the rest of our goal, we want to train everyone in our church family how to share the gospel using the 3 circles. Our next training is Wednesday, July 17, from 6-8 p.m., which includes dinner. For those who have already received the 3 circles training, we will go out that evening and knock on more doors.

If you feel a little intimidated about going out, we always go out in groups of three.
If you would prefer to participate through prayer, you can do that on July 17 as well.
We will also reach out to our church family that evening through calls and cards. There literally is something for everyone to do in PURSUEING people for the Gospel! Will you help?

Sign up by contacting Michelle at mlewis@fbclewisville in the church office, or sign up at the Faith at Home center in the Atrium on Sunday.