First Women's Council and Event Teams – Need Helpers

If you are new and/or just curious what it means to be a part of the FWM Council OR part of an Event Team, here is some helpful information.

First Women's Council is a group of volunteers (ALL AGES) who commit for a minimum of 1 year to pray and plan for FWM events, studies, and ministries to equip all women to:

  • Grow in Christ
  • Embrace one Another
  • and Touch the World

The Council meets approximately 4-5 times per year for planning and to allow members to sign up to serve on sub-committees that use their gifts to serve women and the Lord.

The Event Teams are volunteers that help with a specific event, whether it be Frosty Feast, Taste of Christmas, Bible studies, or Forever Young, to name just a few.

Being a "helper" on a team means ... you work as a team together, whether it be registration, name-tags, favors, table centerpieces, stage decorating, programs, etc.

As part of the team, you will pray for each other as well as the event. You will make new friends and have LOTS of fun, making memories with our FWM ladies.

We need volunteers for:

Touching the World Team
Card-Sending Team (to Homebound)
TOM Mentors
Forever Young Team
Bible Study Team - teachers as well as administrative people to cover details
Frosty Feast Team
Senior Single Ladies Brunch Team
Registration/Greeters/Sign-up Tables Team
Taste of Christmas

**For these team descriptions, click here.

If you are looking for a spot to plug in and are willing to serve, please complete the Volunteer Form below to serve on First Women's Council so that we may contact you.

For additional information contact:

Marcie Hatfield – FWM Chair

Council: Ashley Hett (Frosty Feast), Casey Bailey (Prayer / Homebound), Sandy MacMillan / Ginger D’Angelo / Betty Jackson (Senior Ladies Brunch), Brooke Miller (Forever Young), Jackie Floyed (Touch the World), and Felicia Jarvis / Julie Cooper (Registration)

Taste of Christmas Team Leads: Shannon Ledbetter (Peddlers Alley), Mikel Porter/Megan Seidel (Program), Amanda Robertson/Allison Beaver (Food Team), TK Brown (Table Decoration), Linda McDaniel (Stage), Lisa Heard (Greet & Seat), Kerry Crews (Favors), Jan Corbin (Touching the World), TBD (Clean Up/Set Up), and Felicia Jarvis/Julie Cooper (Registration & Delivery) - Judge Camp (Men's Volunteer Team)