First Time Visitors

What Ages Come to the Everlasting Seed Co?

Preschool is open to preschoolers (birth-Pre-K) accompanied by a parent or responsible adult who is attending a church function.


Arriving at church

When you arrive you will be directed to the Preschool Welcome desk. There you will need to fill out an information form, this allows us to be able to place your child in the correct class. Then you and your child will be shown to your child’s class. Once you have filled out the visitor form there is no need to fill it out again unless you need to communicate information changes.



When dropping off your child you will need to sign them in  and indicate any special instructions or allergies they may have. These help keep us informed and updated of your location in case of an emergency or physical need so we can contact you. And it also allows you an area to communicate information about your child. Such as feeding schedule, allergies, nap time, etc.


Parents of babies through ones may be presented a numbered vibrating pager. This is your “claim check”. We utilize these to page you in case of an emergency need: crying, hungry, etc. But this is also what you will need to present BEFORE we release your child to you. All other preschool parents receive a numbered card.  Again, this is your “claim check” to pick up your children. You must present this card to receive your child.


Pick up and Drop Off Times are 10 minutes before  and after the class or event.  

Who Can Drop Off and Pick Up?For the protection of your children only adults aged 18 and older are allowed to drop off and pick up.


Background Checks

All of the people that teach your children from our CDC program, childcare, to Sunday Mornings and Wednesday evening activities have had an extensive Background Checks.


What Will My Child Be Doing While I Am in Worship or Bible Study?

Preschoolers ages birth through Pre-K are taught developmentally appropriate Bible Stories and lessons. Since Preschoolers learn by doing  there are many activities that they do that support the Bible Story emphasis.  These include blocks, art, nature, books, puzzles and home-living.


Curriculum We Use

We use Lifeway's "Bible Studies for Life" in all our Preschool classrooms. We find this curriculum to be developmentally sound and theologically accurate.