We all have a story – our story…

I'm talking about the story of when I came to Christ, or how God is working in my life. Some stories are very touching and sometimes a drastic change in life, mine is very simple!

I was raised in a Christian home with my parents and sister all being active in the church. I accepted Christ, as my personal savior in the 2nd grade. I remember kneeling at the couch with my parent’s on a Saturday evening as we were all studying our Sunday school lessons. I remember calling our pastor at home later that evening and telling him that I had made my decision to follow Christ. The next morning I was so excited, as soon as the invitation started I stepped out and went forward…when ask “if you should die today, where will you be” and I responded immediately with my answer “in heaven with the father”. I was baptized just a few weeks later (on my sister’s birthday). My father was a deacon and my mother served along with him in many different capacities. I watched and learned how to me a servant with a serving heart for others. I have always been active in the church and the many activities that I participate within. I love being involved with the women’s ministry, here at FBC Lewisville.

To some it sounds as if I have had a pretty normal Christian life, without too much drama. There have been times in my life that I have had trials and mishaps and I have had to remember that I am a Christian and that I rest in the hands of my heavenly father. He has allowed things to happen that have tested my faith and assurance. Many of you do not know that I have a hearing disability. Almost 22 years ago, while at work, I had a popping sensation that continued throughout the night. The next morning I awoke to a silent world, it was a frightening feeling not knowing what the future held in store for me. I was hospitalized for weeks. My world was turned upside down, I lost my independence, lost my job and life changed drastically for me. I had multiple surgeries, 30 percent of the high tones were restored and have maintained on the right-side only ( I was born with a nerve deafness on the left-side). My doctor was amazed at how well I could function and read lips, he ask how I learned to do that? I responded saying that I had just always watched people’s faces…but he disagreed with me…he said that it was a “gift given to me from the father”. He was right. My doctor assured my family that I would be able to function in the world, not to say that I would not have challenges.

Yes, life has changed and I face challenges every day, every time the phone rings or every time someone speaks through a public announcement system. I sometimes feel the sirens coming before I hear OR see the vehicle. I have learned to live my life with the challenges. I know that my heavenly father will not allow me to face anymore obstacles that I will not be able to handle. I rest assured in his hands and he is watching over me!

Felicia Jarvis