February 8, 2016

Week Seven Devotionals Written by Jo Lynn Black

Isaiah 30:1-14

We make decisions all day, every day. God blessed us with intelligence, common sense, and with tools to make decisions. As Christ-followers, we are also blessed to have the Holy Spirit in us all day, every day as a guide to what is BEST. The Holy Spirit brings us closer to Christ and brings him glory.

Our world, in contrast, points us to quick, easy shortcuts that attempt to relieve distress or to bypass rough times. But do we see the full picture? The Israelites thought they did, but, oops, what about taking all you own to a place that really isn’t safe at all, just a mask of strength with no muscle? They didn’t see that part of the plan. When we make decisions without asking Christ for guidance, we are depending on the gifts we have been given (like a good mind and common sense), but not the Gift Giver. We are living our lives like the Israelites, going to Egypt because it appears to be a good idea.

This passage describes God longing for the Israelites to include him in their decisions and lives. In the same way, Jesus wants to lead us to the BEST way, not just a quick solution or a less-worrisome way to live. Jesus wants us to seek him first and let him show us things we haven’t considered or seen. Jesus wants to teach us that by leaning on him and not just our own understanding, we can grow in faith.

Let Jesus help you today in all the decisions you make, big and small. What is the “Egypt” you need to take to him today?