February 8, 2015

Stage One: The Lost/Conversion

Luke 15

At one wooden tree in the Garden of Eden, we fell for the lie that God didn't love us, and we fell
away from God and got lost. And at one wooden cross in the Garden of Gethsemane, God found us
and stretched out His arms and proved forever and always and no matter what that He loves us with
an unconditional, unbeatable, unfailing, unwrappable love.

Sometimes you can almost feel it: when you fall, He comes and unwraps that lying, stealing snake
from your feet and wraps His arms around you--and you unwrap the very greatest gift: a love that
never, ever lets you go (Ann Voskamp, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, 22).

God chased his people from the tree in the garden to the tree on the hill and has never relented in his love and pursuit. He is the shepherd risking life for one lost sheep. He is the woman who stoops low and with diligence looks for the lost coin. And he is the father who keeps his eye on the crest of the hill, waiting for his long lost, rebellious son to return.