February 7, 2016

Isaiah 29:15-24

“The Tale of Two Cities, Part 2”
Now Isaiah describes the second city. It is a city that will be rescued and redeemed. The key phrase is: “In that day” (29:18). The citizens of this city will be reconciled and restored! It will be transformed by the gospel of Christ. Isaiah gives us four promises when this happens:

  • First, the deaf will hear and the blind will see! (29:18). The restoration described here is more than physical—it is spiritual. Spiritual restoration will occur. People will recover their gifts and their calling.
  • Second, when God’s people are renewed and properly led, the spirit of the people is renewed (29:19). Our cities, communities, churches, and homes will be renewed.
  • Third, the “terrible one,” Satan himself, will be defeated (29:20). His days are numbered. God triumphs. God’s mercy is not limitless. Heed the words of 29:20: “For the ruthless shall come to nothing and the scoffer cease. And all who watch to do evil shall be cut off.”
  • Finally, righteousness will be restored (29:22-24). Despite our failures, God will keep his promises to the people of Abraham.

The citizens of this city will be redeemed and restored. Their hope is sure! Stay the course.

NOTE: In chapter 29, while two cities are described, in reality, it is one city. The righteous live with the unrighteous, sinners and saints. Where are you living? Your decision determines your destiny.