February 4, 2016

Isaiah 28:1-15

“No Regrets, No Retreat”
A long-forgotten British politician, Nigel Lawson, once said, “To govern is to choose.” That’s certainly true. I also believe it is true about our own lives. Life is built around the decisions we make. Where do we go to school? What do we study? Who do we date or marry? Do we take this job? Do we move here or somewhere else? Whether the issue is vocational, relational, or spiritual, decisions determine our destiny. Not every decision we make is a good one. Some decisions we make may be tragic. That was the issue in Isaiah’s day. God’s people made bad decisions. They chose to ignore God and his precepts. In this chapter, we discover the problem: God’s people did not cherish his word and refused to trust him; choosing death instead (28:4).

Poor decisions can lead to regrets and retreat. But most poor decisions are not fatal, and therefore not final. Isaiah warned God’s people their poor decisions will lead to regrettable circumstances. The nation would be divided and eventually devoured by their enemies. It happened due to their wrong choices. The same can happen us. But if we want to lead lives of no regrets and no retreats, we must stay the course. We must be people of God’s Word “precept upon precept, line upon line” (28:10, 13).

Molly Ivins was a noted Texas reporter, columnist, and commentator. I didn’t agree with her on much except for this choice piece of wisdom: “The first rule of holes: When you’re in one, stop digging.”

Are you making poor decisions? Are you living with regret? Stop digging! Get your life on God’s plan. Live by his Word. And stay the course!