February 3, 2014

“Love does not Brag and is not Arrogant”

1 Corinthians 13:4

Picture two boys talking “trash” to one another. “My dad is better than yours.” “No he’s not. My dad is the best.” On and on the bragging goes. We laugh at this childish banter. But, how many times are we guilty of overstating the case in many issues of life? Paul reminds us in this section of the Love Chapter that agape love does not brag or call attention to itself. The word translated “brag” in this verse is actually the result of two words joined together. One of the words is “around.” So this literally means to brag, constantly draw attention to oneself, then doing it again and again. In other literature outside the Bible, this word refers to “windbags.” Get the picture? This is not love. This is conceit, pure and simple.