February 28, 2016

Isaiah 42:18-25

It is time to wake up! Israel was called out from among the nations to be the light, the guide. Instead, Israel turned out to be the blind leading the blind. Israel turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to God’s teachings and law. Instead of being set apart, Israel blended in with its pagan neighbors. Israel rejected God as King and demanded an earthly king like everyone around them. Again and again, the people adopted pagan worship practices and fell away from the worship of the One True God. They were warned and eventually punished for their disobedience. They were plundered and exiled. They were imprisoned and preyed upon. Who would take heed? Who would recognize the connection between their actions and their current circumstance? 42:25 is a final wake up call, with imagery of God setting his servant, his people, on fire, and the servant still not taking it to heart.

Are we just as blind sometimes? We know God’s call on our lives to be salt and light here on this earth. Are we more like the servant at the beginning of chapter 42, serving God and bringing justice? Or are we more like the servant at the end of chapter 42, deaf and blind to what God is asking of us?

Father God, open our eyes. Open our ears. Wake us up to the hurting world around us. Show us ways to be your hands and feet. We want to serve you in a way that glorifies your name to the nations, starting right here at home. Thank you, Jesus, for coming in the flesh and showing us more of what that looks like. May we be more like you.