February 28, 2015

Stage Four: The Spiritual Parent

2 Timothy 1:1-14

Fast forward to the end of Paul’s life. In his adult lifetime, Paul spread the gospel to his known world, started churches, multiplied his ministry, instructed many Christians through his writings, and made disciples wherever he went. While writing this second letter to Timothy, Paul was in prison in Rome awaiting execution because of his strong belief and lifestyle of sharing Jesus.

Timothy was one of Paul’s disciples, a young man he met on his second missionary journey (Acts 16:1). Paul used a family term to describe Timothy: “My beloved son.”

The letters to Timothy were to encourage him. Could Paul have learned this from Barnabas? When we follow and obey Jesus Christ, sometimes we will face resistance, maybe even persecution. Jesus told us this would be the case (Matthew 5:10-12).

Spiritual parents continue to love, work with, guide, and encourage their spiritual children; that’s called making disciples. It is similar to what loving parents do for their children.