February 25, 2018

2 Peter 3:9

Earlier this week, we discussed how bearing the fruit of patience shows the character of God; Jesus himself has ultimate patience. We also saw that a patient life is counter to our culture. In this passage from 2 Peter, God’s timetable turns ours on its head. No wonder patience is so difficult. God’s day and a thousand years are the same! God’s definition of time and ours are completely different.

Likewise, James writes God’s definition of slowness and ours isn’t the same. God’s slowness is patience with sinful humanity. God isn’t being slow in his return. He is being patient. His desire is the same as from the beginning—that the whole world would come to repentance. God showed patience as he waited for us to come to salvation. He shows us patience in daily waiting for us to repent of sin. If he is patient with the whole of humankind, can’t we choose patience? By the world’s estimation, believers may seem slow—late bloomers. But God says we are on his timetable. Surrender to his timetable for your life today.