February 23, 2016

Isaiah 40:9-20

What a wonder God is! He is truly incomparable; he cannot be likened to anything here on this earth. He is on a grander scale entirely. “Even the nations are like a drop from a bucket, and are accounted as dust on the scales” (40:15). As I read this passage, I imagine him to be so huge that the Milky Way galaxy is like a side table in his living room. Even that would make him smaller than the universe, his own creation. I simply cannot comprehend the Creator and Sustainer of all that is. It is futile to try to forge an image of him, an idol to see and to touch and to understand. He will not fit in any box we try to put him in.

And yet… God’s Word is full of imagery to help us at least begin to understand him. He is described as a father who creates and provides. A mother who nurtures and protects. A king who rules in righteousness. A judge who metes out justice. An artist who paints the skies and sculpts mountains. And in today’s reading, a shepherd who feeds his flock, cares for the youngest ones, carrying those who need help, gently leading those who will follow.

Take a few minutes to think over the images and names of God in the Bible. Marvel at the variety and praise him for his magnificence. Which image—which facet of God’s multi-faceted nature—speaks to you most today? Thank God for being all that you need.