February 23, 2015

Stage Four: The Spiritual Parent

Acts 9:1-19a

This week, we look at the life of the Apostle Paul to learn about “spiritual parenting.”

Saul’s conversion experience is what many refer to as “The Damascus Road Experience.” Jesus introduced himself to Saul (his Christian name would later be Paul) in a miraculous way and changed the entire direction of his life. He went from persecuting those who followed Christ to becoming the greatest missionary ever for Jesus.

To help Saul on this new spiritual journey, the Lord used a man named Ananias. Ananias was an obedient Christ-follower, already a disciple of Jesus. Saul was a baby Christian, a new covert. He didn’t know what to do next. God used Ananias to help disciple Saul. Being a disciple of Jesus means becoming intentional in helping others physically, when needed, and spiritually, even if there is a cost to you. Mature Christ-followers help spiritual infants know and grow in Christ.

Who helped you when—and immediately after—you gave your life to Jesus?