February 20, 2018

Ephesians 4:1-6; 1 Timothy 1:6

Writing from house arrest, Paul begs the Ephesian church to live lives worthy of their calling as believers. Paul goes on to typify this kind of life. He writes the Ephesians will know if they’re living worthy lives when they are completely humble, gentle, and patient; when they bear with one another in love; and when they display unity.

Believers who are patient live lives worthy of the gospel. Why? Because patience demonstrates the very nature of God. 1 Timothy 1:6 says that Jesus possesses “unlimited patience.” When we yield control to him, Jesus’ unlimited patience begins to show. As we set ourselves and our agendas aside, as we read the same book to our children for the hundredth time, as we let a stranger go first at the four-way stop, in some small way we display Jesus at work in our lives. As we adjust, yield our time and our agenda, we release power and control out of our hands and place it into the hands of our patient God. And as we do, we will reveal his character. Do you need to slow down today? Ask God to bear the fruit of patience in your life as you yield to him.