February 20, 2015

Stage Three: The Spiritual Young Adult

Philemon 1-7

For the next three days, we will read Paul’s letter to Philemon. This letter is an excellent example of how Christians at different levels of maturity can work together to create healthy disciples in an unhealthy world. In this letter, Paul is the spiritual parent. Onesimus is the spiritual infant (and runaway slave). Philemon is the spiritual young adult. 

When Paul wrote this letter, he was a prisoner in Rome. Paul conveyed his deep appreciation for Philemon and his wife, Apphia, for opening their home as a meeting location for one of the two Colossian churches. Paul revealed (verse 19) that he led Philemon to Christ and helped him grow. Over the years, Philemon became a source of a great joy and encouragement, as well as a source of refreshment.

How can you be a source of joy and encouragement to your church family? What do you think is required in order to refresh the heart of the Lord’s people?