February 2, 2015

Stage One: The Lost/Conversion

Genesis 3:1-13

We all begin our spiritual journey at the same place. We are all lost. We all begin as searchers. We all begin in a place of brokenness, hopelessness and death.

Humankind has been lost since the tree in the Garden of Eden. As God’s children, we were given a choice. One option was the way of obedience, wholeness and life to the fullest. The other choice was the way of brokenness, separation and ultimately death. From the beginning, we have chosen the latter. We want knowledge. We want power. We want fulfillment that comes on our own terms and in our own way. We do not trust our Creator to provide what we need, so we take things into our own hands. Because of the choice in the garden - and the way we still choose forbidden fruit - we are lost.

What areas of rebellion can you identify in your life today? What have you taken into your own hands? What way do you live by your own set of rules and expectations? Reflect on your life before Christ.