February 19, 2013

Mark 3:16-17

Jesus called James and John the "Sons of Thunder.” This name defines James' and John's personalities in very vivid terms. They were zealous, thunderous, passionate and fervent. Mark's record of the name is the only time it is mentioned in Scripture so we do not know how often Jesus used this term for the brothers. He probably used it to chide the brothers when they allowed their naturally feverish temperaments to get out of hand. Jesus could have even used it humorously as a gentle admonishment. There is a legitimate place in spiritual leadership for people who have thunderous personalities. In spite of their zealous nature, James and John proved to be some of the closest to Christ. As we look at God's Word, it is clear James' qualities moved from being out of control at times, to being under the control of the Holy Spirit. He did much to spread the truth through the world.