February 16, 2015

Stage Three: The Spiritual Young Adult

1 John 2:12-13

Stages of growth are all around us. Trees begin as seeds. Ferocious lions begin life as cubs. Human growth and development happens in stages as well. Jesus himself experienced this physical process of human growth as he went from infancy to adulthood (see Luke 2:52).

God designed spiritual growth to occur in stages as well. He doesn’t transform us instantly into mature disciples immediately after conversion and baptism (Real-Life Discipleship Training Manual, 52).

Last week, we examined the development of an individual who is a spiritual infant/child. This week, we will focus on the spiritual young adult. In today’s scripture, John refers to children, fathers, and young men. The “young men” mentioned in 2:13 are spiritual young adults. Spiritual young adults are characterized by the desire to serve and minister to those around them. Spiritual young adults and spiritual children comprise the majority of believers in most churches.