February 16, 2014

“Love does not Act Unbecomingly” 

Strategy and Stewardship - Proverbs 17:13-17

Can you think of a time when someone loved you when you were “unlovable”? How did that make you feel and how did you respond? God has called us to be a holy people, a unique people, a set apart people. We are expected to love at all times. We are his workmanship and part of his workforce. He has called us to be light in a very dark world. There is no place or room for us to act “unbecomingly” toward one another. Rather, we are to move away from quarrels and move toward loving each other “at all times.” Take a piece of paper and begin to build a strategy by listing names of co-workers, neighbors, and acquaintances with whom you can live out Christ-like love as an example and encouragement. Allow God to use your love toward others to draw people to him.