February 15, 2015

Stage Two: The Spiritual Infant/Child

Ephesians 4:12

Many who are spiritual children never grow beyond this stage because they fail to find their purpose in the church. They are content to gain more knowledge and believe service is only for a select few. Scripture is clear. When we come to Christ, we don’t come fully equipped with our own spiritual gifts. The Holy Spirit gives us gifts. But the gifts aren’t to be kept to ourselves. Their purpose is to build up the body, the church. What gifts has God given you? Are you waiting for someone to ask you? Why not tell them you are willing to serve? What do you enjoy? God has given you this joy, this ability, to build up the church—not the PTA or Optimist Club.

I dare you. Shock the ministers this week by telling them how you can help build up the church using your gifts. I guarantee it, you and our church will be better for it.