February 14, 2016

Isaiah 34:1-17

Pastor J. Vernon McGee commented, “People treat Jesus’ coming judgment like a tornado warning.” It is as if they look at the weather report which indicates a tornado, schedule a watch party, and take bets on where or whom it will hit. Know judgment will hit every person that does not believe in Jesus as their Savior. If you believe in Jesus as your Savior, you could say judgment doesn’t affect you. But what about those you love who may not know Jesus as their Savior? We, as believers, have a responsibility to tell others about Jesus, to plant seeds of salvation. We are here to share the Good News.

If you know people in your life that you are not certain of their salvation, start a conversation about faith with them. They may have questions or they may challenge you to a higher level of faith. If you know they are not saved, let them know what Jesus means to you.

Judgment is coming. That is a promise that will be kept. The other promise that will be kept is Jesus wants all to come to know his love for them. Tell someone about what Jesus means to you today.