February 14, 2015

Stage Two: The Spiritual Infant/Child

Hebrews 3:12-13

Pediatricians know that if a child isn’t growing, something is wrong. God designed our bodies and souls to grow. At times, this challenge is so great it almost makes us want to give up altogether. Sometimes it seems too difficult to even try.

To guard against giving up, we must be connected to one or a few others who know where we are spiritually. Call it a small group. Call it an accountability partner. Whatever the name, we need to be spiritually “known.”

What about you? Who in your life knows where you are spiritually? Your spouse? Your best friend? If you don’t have a person who knows where you are spiritually, seek out a mature Christ-follower. Ask them to agree with you in prayer, to meet with you, and talk about these things.