February 13, 2018

Romans 12:14-21; 14:13-23

As believers, one of the ways we seek peace and follow it in our lives is in the way we deal with those who have wronged us. We are to seek reconciliation with others with all of our resources. We cannot control others’ responses, but we can control our own.

Also, we can protect those around us by choosing attitudes and behaviors that lead to peace in relationships rather than those behaviors that tear us apart. For Paul, the discussion centered around food. He is speaking to people who are happy to eat and drink anything, asking them to recognize there are occasions when they need to hold back from this freedom for the sake of those whose Christian faith would be irreparably damaged by such behavior. All of us are at different points in our relationship with Jesus. We are not to pass judgment on one another, but rather are to use judgment so we don’t cause others to stumble, and instead lead them closer to Christ.