February 11, 2015

Stage Two: The Spiritual Infant/Child

2 Peter 3:18

What words would you use to describe a child? Depending on the day, we might use words like “cute,” “funny,” “talented,” or “smart.” Other times, we might use words that are less flattering. Developmentally, children can be selfish.

The same is true of the childhood stage of spiritual development. Spiritual children can be identified by self-centered actions and words. Have you heard or said things like: “I didn’t get anything out of church today,” “If only our church were like…,” or “Why do we need to split our class? Things are working the way they are.” The encouragement of Scripture is clear. Spiritual children must grow up. Take time to confess areas in which you’ve been spiritually childish. Ask God to help you grow up in all things.