February 11, 2013

Matthew 9:9-13   Introducing Matthew and Thomas

Jesus was intentional in calling ordinary men as his disciples. He wasn't interested in the overly religious or highly esteemed leaders in the area. Matthew and Thomas were some of the last you would think would be chosen to be Jesus' disciples. Matthew was a tax collector, a publican, one of the most despised positions around. He was once the vilest of sinners - a wretched, despicable outcast. Thomas was a tenderhearted, moody, melancholy individual. Both of these men were transformed by Christ in the same way he transformed many others.

Matthew quickly responded to Jesus' call to "follow me." The biblical account does not mention him asking questions or clarifying details. We don't have any record of him spending time thinking about this decision. How many times has God given you a command or a direction to which you questioned and delayed? Why is obedience difficult for you? Spend some time in prayer asking God to help you respond to him in absolute obedience today.