February 10, 2014

“Love does not Act Unbecomingly” 

How I Am Acting? - 1 Corinthians 13:3-5

When you think of the word “unbecomingly,” you may think of conduct “unbecoming an officer and a gentlemen.” Defined, the code states the elements are: the accused did or omitted to do certain acts, and that, under the circumstances, these acts or omissions constituted conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman. In viewing relationships, our love should be the kind that does not act unbecomingly. We are expected to avoid dishonest acts, displays of indecency, lawlessness, dealing unfairly, indecorum, injustice, or acts of cruelty. The world will know the way we love by the way we act. As you begin this new week, ask the Lord to help you act in a way that is pleasing to him and to not act unbecomingly.